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We are excited to present our new food series that partners with food enthusiasts who create dishes that pair with a variety of Bitter Brothers’ beers! Our talented partners have graciously taken the time to dream up fantastic pairings with their creations to inspire you to make their suggested dish or create your own.

Welcome Laura from Sprint 2 the Table to the party! This San Diego blogger hails from Georgia but now writes about her love of food and fitness. She has created a lovely salmon recipe for you to try at home paired exclusively with our ONLY CHILD SESSIONS IPA! 

For the whole story and experience from @Sprint2theTable while creating this dish, click here!
ONLY CHILD, Sprint to the Table, Recipe

Prep Time 10 mins | Inactive Time 30 mins | Cook Time 10 mins | Total Time 20 mins

Serves 4 


  • 3/4 C soy sauce
  • 3 T honey
  • 2 T orange juice
  • 1 inch peeled fresh ginger, thinly sliced
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 lb salmon
  • 4 heads baby bok choy, root ends trimmed off
  • 3 C shiitake mushrooms, sliced


Whisk soy sauce, honey, orange juice, ginger, and garlic together in a small bowl. Reserve 1/4 cup of marinade in a separate bowl, then place salmon fillets, skin-side up, in the marinade. Allow it to marinate for 30 mins.

Preheat broiler to high. Heat 2 tablespoons of water in a large skillet over high heat and bring to a simmer. Add bok choy and mushrooms to skillet and cover. Allow to steam until almost tender, about 5 minutes, then add reserved marinade. Toss to combine, cook for an additional 2 minutes to reduce excess liquid. Remove from heat.

Put the salmon under the broiler skin-side down and broil without turning until exterior is well-caramelized and the fish is just cooked through, 8-10 minutes, depending on thickness and the distance from the broiler.

Arrange bok choy and mushrooms on plates and top with the salmon, cut into fillets.


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