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Community Table w/ Ecology Center

So if you are already part of the Bitter Family, then you know that we not only love beer, but we also have a love for food. We had the pleasure of sharing that common love in Orange County on July 27th at the Ecology Center, an eco-education center in Sn Juan Capistrano. The guests came to gather around the “community table” to eat a bounty of amazing fresh foods with our friend Chef Drew Deckman from Deckman’s El Mogor in Valle de Guadalupe and to drink some lovely wines and beers.

We were thrilled to be asked to join this event and introduce our ethos to a new audience of beer drinkers and food lovers. Enjoy the event photos from photographer, Ryan Haack.

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Introducing the Summer Lineup

Each quarter, we introduce you to our family friends who love to cook. We wanted to introduce you to them so you know where they come from and what they’re about.

All of them have a couple things in common..

  1. They sure can cook.
  2. They love great beer.
  3. They have a heart for giving back to the community.

Chef Anthony Pascale

Chef Anthony Pascale specializes in a progressive twist on classic Sushi and Japanese Cuisine by using locally sourced, wild-caught seafood and modern cooking techniques in his two locations at Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar. He diligently works to maintain dynamic menus that highlight the qualities of the region and season.

Chef Alex Emery

San Diego native and culinarian, Chef Alex Emery of La Valencia is well known and respected for his operational prowess, passion for utilizing local and sustainable products and for being an active participant in a range of local culinary events.

Chef Aarti Sanghavi

As Executive Chef at The Hake in La Jolla, California, Aarti Sanghavi combines her Indian heritage with global culinary techniques to present straightforward, honest and responsibly-sourced dishes that span a variety of gastronomic cultures and traditions.

Chef Fabrice Poigin

From France to the United States, in 1990, Chef Fabrice Poigin quickly made a name for himself at the Sky Room at La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla and from there moved on to influence the culinary scene for the next two decades at several local fine dining destinations such as Vignola, Bertrand at Mister A’s, Urban Kitchen Group and Watergrill. With a good understanding of nutrition and fitness, he now prepares custom made organic meals for individuals in the San Diego Metropolitan area.

Chef Kristianna Zabala

Executive Pastry Chef Kristianna Zabala of Nomad Donuts handcrafts every donut using small batch ingredients from farmers markets, produce from community retailers like Specialty Produce and cage free, organic eggs from local farmers. This allows her donuts to be outstandingly fresh and flavorful while maintaining Nomad Donuts’ commitment to the community.

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Baja Chefs Family Dinner, So Good

Beer & Food

Beer and food… it’s nothing new. The intent behind the food with beer though, can be. Bitter Brothers has a specific intent when inviting guest chefs to play in the brewery with their beer selection; to share a perfect bite that is complemented by a carefully selected brew, making the experience unique to that moment.

Those moments equate to more than just that specific experience. They resonate into the community because of the commitment behind the quarterly family dinners. Each Family Dinner in 2017 benefits the local organization Feeding San Diego. Bitter Brothers Brewing Company has committed to reaching a goal of providing 20,000 meals to the community with their partnerships of the wonderful chefs that come together to participate in the Family Dinner Series.

We’d like to send a BIG thank you to all our guests and chefs Drew Deckman (Deckman’s, Concha de Piedra), Martin San Roman  (Dobson’s Pedreval, Alximia), Ruffo Ibarra (Oryx Capital), Adria Marina (Don Ramen, Azarosa Cafe, Oso Campos (Tras Horizonte) and Karla Navarro (chef consultant), who made this Baja Chefs Family Dinner so special!

Thank you to all for being our guests.

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